2004:1 Evaluation of Integrated Area Programmes in Bosnia-Herzegovina - a report from an Evaluation Workshop

Joakim Molander, Maria Elena Wulff, E. Anders Eriksson, Jonas Bergström, Katica Hajrulahovic, Tale Kvalvaag
Serier – UTV Working PaperDescription:
UTV Working Paper / This is a report from a participatory evaluation workshop on Sida´s Ingrated Area Programmes (IAPs) in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH). The purpose of the workshop was to bring together Sida employees and Sida's implementing partners for a discussion about how to achieve sustainable development by means of the IAPs. The workshop had a strategic as well as an evaluative role. The report concludes that there is a need for efforts to create local ownership. The IAPs would also benefit from coordination with Sida projects within democracy and human rights. Furthermore a thourough conflict analysis is recommended.