International Labour Migrants: Unsung heroes of Globalisation

Bhargavi Ramamurthy
Serier – Sida StudiesDescription:
Sida Studies No. 8 / A report in the Sida Studies series. The impact of immigration on the labour market is currently a burning issue. On the other hand, very little is said about the other side of the coin the consequences
of emigration for the home country.
This report provides a welcome international overview of the effects of emigration on the home countries. It gives
prominence to issues such as: What makes people move? How serious is the so-called brain drain that can arise in the home country? What is the importance for society of the flows of money, often substantial, to the emigrants families back home? How is the labour market affected? The report also defines issues that policy-makers and researchers should study more closely.
A Swedish version of this study can be found under the following article number: SIDA3346sv