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Updated: 5 September 2014

Vietnam has had good economic growth in recent years. The country is one of seven countries where Sweden for the past five years has worked with Partner Driven Cooperation. The cooperation has fostered many new relations between actors in Sweden and Vietnam.

Bilateral development cooperation will be phased out in 2013

Traditional development cooperation with Vietnam will end in December 2013. Sweden has a strong desire to continue to deepen and broaden the close relations between Sweden and Vietnam. Sida's focus in 2013 will be to collect and communicate the results of the work in Vietnam.

Vietnam has been one of Sweden’s prioritised partner countries for many years. Swedish development cooperation was initiated already in 1967 and for many years Sweden was one of the largest donors. In total, Sweden has contributed more than US$ 2 billion to infrastructure, reforms and poverty reduction. One of the objectives of Sweden's development cooperation is that Vietnam's economic development should be pro-poor and democratic. An evaluation of more than forty years of Swedish aid showed that the Swedish support has lifted millions of Vietnamese out of poverty.

Bilateral aid is now being phased out, in line with the country strategy for 2009–2013.

Projects for local democracy

One example is the Sida supported programme Chia Se Poverty Alleviation Programme, abbreviated as Chia Se. The now completed programme successfully promoted decentralization and local democracy in the provinces involved.

Media support

One area where Sweden has given priority for 20 years is media support. Half of all journalists in Vietnam have undergone training funded by Sweden. Freedom of expression, press freedom and transparency can’t be taken for granted in Vietnam and Sweden's long-term commitment to the sector has given valuable support to journalists’ and publishers’ work in a difficult environment.

Judicial system in Vietnam

Sweden was the first donor within the judicial sector and has stressed the importance of developing an independent judicial system that respects and protects human rights and that can fight corruption effectively.
Sweden has contributed to the modernisation of legal training and also helped to establish a national bar association.

Environment and climate change

Vietnam is one of the countries most affected by climate change. Elevated sea levels allow for salty seawater to penetrate the rice fields, which threatens food supply.
The cooperation strategy for Vietnam gives priority to cooperation between Swedish and Vietnamese partners in order to jointly tackle the consequences of climate change. Several stakeholders are now involved in such collaborations, both at policy level and in direct work with vulnerable groups.

Vietnam trusts in Sweden

Sweden’s long-term commitment and support for Vietnam has created good relations and strong trust.
This has made it possible for Sweden to address issues that are considered sensitive in Vietnam. The good relations must now be preserved at a time when bilateral aid is phased out. There is a good foundation and favourable conditions for many actors to continue to cooperate. There is a demand in Vietnam for Swedish knowledge and technology, and for continued contact with Sweden. Swedish aid leaves a strong legacy to build upon.

Information for Sida’s cooperation partners in projects in Vietnam

Sida has gathered some useful advice  for partners that will write a final report on their projects.

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