Guranda Goglidze och Greger Erixon

Greger Erixon from the Swedish Enforcement Authority and Guranda Goglidze from the Georgian sister authority collaborate to streamline tax collection in Georgia.

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Swedish tax collection knowledge valuable in Georgia

Published: 13 June 2013 Updated: 24 June 2014

The Swedish Enforcement Authority cooperates with its Georgian sister authority in order to make tax collection more effective in the country, while guaranteeing transparency and openness for the general public.

"We are cooperating with our Swedish sister agency to become even better and more effective in tax collection," says Guranda Goglidze from Georgian National Bureau of Enforcement, NBE, who sees the two-year collaboration as very important.

Guranda Goglidze from NBE and Greger Erixon from the Swedish Enforcement Authority have taken the same course in Result Based Management – a course that focuses on increasing efficiency and performance.

"The cooperation helps us to do a good job and meet the demands from society," continues Guranda Goglidze.

Georgia has about 4.7 million inhabitants, of which nearly 1.5 million live in the capital Tbilisi. The support to the Georgian tax collection agency is part of Sida’s support to strengthen democracy, human rights and gender equality in Georgia. The overall goal for Swedish development cooperation with the country is to support a development towards a democratic and accountable state that is approaching the EU.

Sweden's main comparative advantages lie in the high credibility and flexibility in both planning and implementation of aid. Sweden has also renowned expertise in environment, gender and local governance and public administration – areas where Georgian experience is limited. The annual volume of development cooperation for the period 2010 - 2013 is 120 million SEK.

The goal of the operation is that the National Bureau of Enforcement in 2015 will deliver fast and effective tax collection, based on justice and equality before the law and in a transparent manner to the public. The project objectives for the current first phase are capacity development for collection services, training and a professional work culture and skilled staff.

Greger Erixon from the Swedish Enforcement Authority is based in Tbilisi as an advisor and expert.

"This is a rewarding collaboration that gives good results for society in terms of efficient collection of taxes, which lays the foundation for a functioning market economy," he concludes.


Sida's contribution to the National Bureau of Enforcement for the period 2010 - 2013 is 13,994,000 SEK.

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