Support to Internally Displaced Persons

John Borton, Margie Buchanan-Smith, Ralf Otto
- Learning from Evaluations Summary version / Synthesis report of a joint evaluation programme. Summary version
In May 2003, a group of representatives of donor organisations agreed to undertake a collaborative evaluation process focussing on the theme of support to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). This synthesis report is based on 17 reports covering operations in ten countries: Angola, Somalia, Indonesia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Colombia, Liberia, Eritrea, and Sudan. Seven critical issues are identified: the rights of IDPs, the protection deficit, donor policy on IDPs, the categorisation of IDPs, needs assessments, coordination and the collaborative response, and when does the need for assistance end? These issues are discussed in detail in the full report and recommendations on how to deal with them are presented.
(This is the summary version of main report: SIDA4587en)