Integración de la Perspectiva de Igualdad de Género - Evaluación del Apoyo de Asdi para la Promoción de la lgualdad de Género, en los Paises de Cooperación para el Desarrollo Informe de Pais - Nicaragua

Ted Freeman, Milagros Barahona, Ane Bonde, Sarah Forti, Britha Mikkelsen, Guadalupe Salina
Serier – Sida EvaluationDescription:
A Sida EVALUATION REPORT 02/01:4 / Gender equality remains a challenging goal in the Nicaraguan context. On one hand, there is clear evidence of the burden of inequality which women face in terms of differences in income and the experience of poverty, in negative health outcomes, in victimisation due to inter family and sexual violence and physical abuse; and in under-representation and poor access to political decision making. For the most part these costs of inequality are recognised in Nicaragua by civil society and (to some extent) by government.