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Sweden is now increasing the support for organizations working for democracy, human rights, peace-building and freedom of expression in Uganda.

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Strengthened democracy and human rights in Uganda

Updated: 30 October 2014

Increased possibilities for citizens to express their opinions, better access to legal services and more investigated human rights complaints are some of the results of Swedish cooperation with Uganda in recent years. Now Sweden renews its commitment to strengthening democracy and human rights.

The Swedish Embassy in Kampala has committed an additional 5,3 million Euros in the coming two years to a broad fund, which in turn conveys funds to a hundred organizations working to strengthen democracy, human rights, peace-building and freedom of expression.

Like many other African countries, Uganda is struggling with weak democracy, inadequate capacity in many state institutions and lack of respect for human rights. The Democratic Governance Facility fund brings together several international donors to support broad initiatives to improve the situation.

The fund works with a variety of initiatives in democracy and human rights, for example to improve access to legal services for people in rural areas, to increase knowledge and to influence the government and private sector to respect human rights.

Several of the organizations are also engaged in various initiatives to combat the widespread corruption. The knowledge of how corruption affects ordinary people by money disappearing from civic service as schools and health care is low. Through various campaigns, more Ugandans can understand the relationship and take an active stand against corruption.

- Democracy and human rights are key issues in our dialogue with the Ugandan government, explains Urban Andersson, Swedish Ambassador to Uganda. Through our support to the fund we contribute to a more democratic and open society.

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