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Sneak preview of the new Openaid.se

Updated: 30 October 2014

Openaid.se is a web-based information service about Swedish aid built on open government data, created by Sida and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. For the past few months Sida has been working on a new version of the website, which is now being published in an early stage, in line with the openness that characterises the project. You can access the website at http://preview.openaid.se.

The new version of Openaid.se  is more focused on the professional user and is a quick but powerful tool to find the data you need. At the same time, it is easy to get a useful overview of Sweden’s total aid to the world or any other part of the Swedish aid that you choose to look at.

When navigating through the data the new Openaid.se presents either a map that gives a quick geographical overview or a graph that shows data over time. You can always choose to view a full list of all the activities, that can range from one to around 6000, depending on your filtering choices. You can also, at any time, choose to download a csv-file containing all the activities.

More information is shown when you dig into the details by clicking on an activity. You can also choose to look at the full activity sheet, where you will find any document links available at the activity level.

Some changes are not that visible for a normal user – such as the fact that Openaid.se now only runs on IATI data from the IATI Datastore  . The tracker (website) is build so that it will work for anyone who publishes IATI data and wants to visualize the data on their own tracker.

More data will be added subsequently so that Openaid.se will display all Swedish aid from 1998 to the present. For now, please use the data with great care as there are still data quality issues. It is not a complete dataset and should be treated accordingly.

Please contact openaid@sida.se if you have any questions or comments or want to find out more about the new Openaid.se.

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