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Public eye: the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

Updated: 30 October 2014

Lena Ingelstam, director of partnerships and innovations, answers some questions in about Sida's approach to inclusive business in the Guardian.

There is growing interest in advancing inclusive business models, as we have seen from a number of new public commitments to the Business Call to Action Initiative by Swedish firms like IKEA and H&M,– what do you think is responsible for driving this momentum?

 " We are very happy to see a strong engagement to inclusive business in the Swedish private sector. It is clear that there is an increasing interest among Swedish companies to engage in partnerships for development. Last year in May, Sida initiated the network "Swedish Leadership for Sustainable Development", which consists of around 20 leading companies with Swedish connection, working together to take leadership for sustainable business and at the same time reduce poverty and find long term solutions to today's major development challenges. I hope this network will inspire other actors, and help achieve development outcomes in the priority areas of job creation with decent working conditions. ..."

Read the whole article, published in the Guardian March 27, 2014.

Read more about Sida's engagement in Business for Development.

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