Partner Driven Cooperation at the World Water Week

Delegates from PDC-projects in India, China, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, Botswana, India, Namibia, China and South Africa as well as representatives from SIWI, SMHI, Kappahl, Indiska and Sida.

Photo: Desirée Bognäs/Sida

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Partner Driven Cooperation at the World Water Week

Updated: 19 June 2014

The annual World Water Week takes place in Stockholm between September 1st and September 6th. The conference is organized by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and attended by over 2500 delegates from all over the world working with water issues.

On Wednesday afternoon, representatives from departments, ministries and the private sector involved in water related Partner Driven Cooperation (PDC) projects in Namibia, Botswana, China, India and South Africa gathered at Älvsjömässan. SIWI has been the Swedish partner in all these PDC projects, together with Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) in the Namibian project, and the Swedish companies Lindex, Kappahl and Indiska in the Indian project. The PDC event at the World Water Week on Wednesday was meant to offer a platform for the partners to share experiences and find synergies between their respective programs. The participants were given an opportunity to present results, experiences and future prospects the projects.

A result of the cooperation between SIWI and the Chinese partner Ministry of Environment and Protection, Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (MEP-FECO) was that this year, China has for the first time sent a big delegation of 25 people to the World Water Week.

 ”It is the first time China sends such a big delegation to the World Water Week. In the future it will hopefully be bigger and not only learn from international experiences but also to share China’s experiences with the international community” said Zhang Xiolan, MEP-FECO.

A mutual challenge raised by several of the partners was that the PDC-projects are too limited in time. Pawan Mehra from cKinetics in India raised that “the catalytic role of Sida is very important. The networks that come out if this project is unpredictable but will continue in many different ways”.

After the presentation session, there was time for some mingle and networking. All of the PDC-projects will finish in December 2013 when the bilateral cooperation with the seven selective cooperation counties (Indonesia and Vietnam as well as the countries mentioned above) comes to an end. An aim of the activities during the fall is therefore to hand over the networks created through PDC to the partners by bringing them together. On December 17th an even larger platform for networking will be offered when a Development talks on Partners Driven Cooperation is held at Sida in Stockholm, inviting participants from the over 200 ongoing PDC-projects.

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