Social entrepreneurs graduated from SE Outreach Accelerator

Graduation of SE Outreach Accelerator Spring 2013

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Nine social entrepreneurs graduated from SE Outreach Accelerator

Updated: 23 May 2014

More than 70 people attended the graduation of SE Outreach Accelerator Spring 2013. The entrepreneurs delivered their business pitches, drawing attention to important issues such as health, education and more.

The participants in the Accelerator operate in various countries throughout Africa and Asia and their social innovations address issues ranging from health, education, employment, worker’s rights and green energy. During the past 8 weeks they have worked day and night to improve and scale up their businesses in order to make a bigger impact in the world. They have been focusing on topics like business plans, financial models, partnerships and customers, how to measure social impact and communication skills, just to mention a few.

Finally the long-awaited moment came, the Outreach Fellow’s last chance to shine. Monday evening at Summit in Stockholm, they delivered their final pitches and received graduation certificate diplomas.

One after another, the social entrepreneurs presented their business ideas and how they make an impact in the world. All of them really rose to the occasion. A few examples include Ackim Hamweenda with Clinics4All, who talked about his solution that address the fact that more than 60% of the population in Africa live more than 16 km away from the nearest health facility and therefore lack access to basic health care.

Sofie Nordström, founder of The Bhalo Hub, explained how a multi-stakeholder initiative for workers, buyers, industrial organizations, NGOs and governments can improve the lives of the 3,6 million people working in the garment sector in Bangladesh. And Morris Matadi, a former child soldier that lived through the horrors of the Liberian civil war, explained how he through IDEFOCS reintegrates other former child soldiers into the society and the labor market.

About The Accelerator

The SE Outreach Accelerator program is run by SE Forum and supports social entrepreneurs who aim to solve social and environmental problems in developing markets. The Accelerator offers an 8-week boot-camp-like experience filled with seminars, workshops, coaching and mentoring sessions as well as extends a platform for connections and networks.The SE Outreach Accelerator program is co-financed by Sida, through the unit Private Sector Collaboration and ICT.

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