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Published: 24 November 2014 Updated: 24 November 2014

The Swedish logo is used for development cooperation projects financed by Sweden. The logo has been designed as part of our transparency guarantee and provides greater opportunities for transparency and accountability by increasing the visibility of Swedish aid.

The logo may be used:

  • for development cooperation projects financed by Sweden
  • in conjunction with projects where the Sida or embassy logos were previously used, for example information materials, signs, buildings, cars or flags
  • when other donors' logos are used
  • by other state actors in conjunction with the implementation of development cooperation projects
  • by civil society organisations in the case of state-funded or co-funded activities

Organisations may use the Swedish logo and the organisation's logo in parallel, just like before. Government authorities may use both the Swedish logo and their own logo for development cooperation projects that are not fully funded by the aid budget. However, the Sida or embassy logos should not be used together with the Swedish logo.

Whenever the logo is used on the material of other stakeholders, whether printed or electronic, the role of Sweden in the specific context should be clear. If the context is not self-explanatory an additional text on Sweden's role should be included. One suggestion is adding a disclaimer stating "This material/production has been financed by the Government of Sweden. Responsibility for the content lies entirely with the creator. The Government of Sweden does not necessarily share the expressed views and interpretations."

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