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International Training Programmes

How to apply, costs and financing

Published: 3 November 2009 Updated: 18 August 2014

Application forms are usually available from Swedish Embassies. There is an individual application form for each training programme.

Use the application form for the particular training programme you are interested in. Also, read the application instructions in the programme brochure so you do not miss anything. Programme brochures and application forms are usually available from Swedish Embassies  or at the programme presentations on this web site. Filled in application form including the official nomination plus certificates of health status and language proficiency and any other documents required, shall be submitted to the Embassy of Sweden. If there is no Swedish Embassy in your country, the application should be sent directly to the programme organiser.

N.B. Specific rules may be in force in certain countries. Please contact, well in advance, the appropriate Swedish Embassy/Consulate for correct information.

Any costs related to the application procedure are at the applicants’ own expense.

Costs for participating in the training - which may vary between individual programmes - are divided between: participation fee and accommodation.

Both these costs are funded by Sida. The participation fee covers all training costs such as tuition, literature, documentation, study tours and medical emergency insurance. Accommodation costs include board and lodging. Personal expenses are the responsibility of the individual participant.

Costs for international travel to and from Sweden are normally not financed by Sida.

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