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Sida's logotype

Updated: 11 April 2017

Sida's logo is available in two versions, one full-colour and one black-only. Which one you use depends on the context. The Sweden logotype should be used when the product is a result of an agreement or contract signed on behalf of Sweden.

Use the colour logo when it is the sole brandmark, and not combined with other visual elements. For example flags, signs, office material and occasional give-aways. Use the black-only logo when it is possible to express other parts of Sida's visual identity, such as colour images or coloured graphics. For example reports and exhibition material.

Sida's logo may only be used when Sida is the sender, publisher, producer or organiser – either alone or in collaboration with others. That something is funded by Sida does not give the right to use the logo.

Sweden logotype

A Sweden logotype has been designed as part of the transparency guarantee in Swedish development cooperation.

When an agreement or contract is signed on behalf of Sweden, it is also Sweden that shall be referred to in reports, publications and other materials produced by our partners. The Sweden logotype shall always be used.

Contact the Communication unit when the Sweden logotype is requested.

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