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EU Twinning and TAIEX

Updated: 20 December 2016

EU Twinning and TAIEX are EU-funded programmes aiming to establish contacts and support mutual exchange between EU Member States. The programmes are also aiming at supporting mutual exchange in candidate countries, potential candidate countries and neighbouring states to the EU.

Funding from Sida to Prepare a Twinning Project Proposal
Swedish authorities are able to apply for funds in a Twinning Project Proposal. They are also able to enter into a Twinning Consortium Agreement with an organization, a public administration in an EU Member State or an approved Mandate Body.

Organizations from the twelve most recent EU Member States are able to form a consortium with a Swedish partner and may receive cost-coverage for pre-selection and selection meeting travel from Sida by the Swedish partner. This is called the Consortium Building Facility and is intended to increase the number of joint proposals from Sweden and the new EU Member States.

Swedish authorities and consortium partners are able to work together to form a proposal, or they can adhibit a specialized twinning organization to form the proposal for them. NI-CO and CPMA are examples of such assisting organizations.

Contact Swedish NCP

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Nina Geladze Ekstedt, NCP Twinning and TAIEX, coordination

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