Tanzanian policy and opinion on investment?

Professor Anna Tibaijuka talks on land related investments in Tanzania. The film starts in Swedish but continues in English.
Collaboration opportunities

Land related investments in Africa

Published: 21 September 2012 Updated: 2 June 2014

Large-scale national and foreign land investments have increased significantly during the past decade, in particular in Africa. Therefore, it is important that development cooperation adapts to this reality. Through different forms of interacting with the private sector, Sida will explore new possibilities to collaborate around land-related investments.

The possibilities for collaboration around land-related investments are described in a concept paper drawn up with the purpose of outlining a vision, objectives and main strategies for possible Sida support.

Sida support around land-related investments should include action research and strategic communications so as to closely monitor and make public the results of the Sida funding and of the investment. An investment requires equally strong partners. Sida can therefore support activities which strengthen local and national governments and the capacity of local communities and farmers/habitants to deal with investments. The concept will be implemented in specific county contexts, implying that it has to relate to national policies/processes.

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