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Updated: 7 April 2015

The overall objective of Swedish development cooperation is to ensure that people living in poverty and under oppression have the ability to improve their living conditions. To carry out this mission in an effective and strategic way, Sida works broadly across several sectors.

The government's aid policy framework controls the direction of Swedish development cooperation. The framework highlights the overall objective to create prerequisites for better living conditions for people living in poverty and under oppression, with a clear perspective that people themselves are agents of change who can influence their own development. Six sub-goals are defined, each being equally important to achieve the overall goal.

Development requires efforts on many levels. Sida therefore supports interventions that cover different sub-goals of the aid policy framework, encompassing several areas:

It is not possible to make sharp distinctions between the areas. Major development issues often affect several areas that intertwine. Water e.g. is a critical issue for both health and sustainable societal development. Moreover, water is often a cause of a conflict. This is something that we take into account when we plan our support, and we work in an interdisciplinary manner in order to take advantage of our different skills.

There is an ongoing work at Sida to increase thematic focus. The aim is to increase knowledge, visibility and impact of our four chosen focus areas: gender equality, environment and climate, democracy and human rights with focus on freedom of expression and ICT, and health with focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

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