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Updated: 14 October 2016

Below please find a selection of evaluation websites:

OECD / DAC Evaluation Resource Centre, DEReC
The Development Assistance Committee (DAC) is the principal body through which the OECD deals with issues related to co-operation with developing countries. The Evaluation Resource Center contains development evaluation reports and guidelines published by the Network and its 30 bilateral and multilateral members.

OECD/DAC Ongoing Evaluations of Development Programmes
The site for sharing of evaluation plans and work programmes of members of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation, for enhanced transparency and facilitation collaboration. It also provides an overview of current trends in development evaluation.

The Active Learning Network for Accountability and performance in Humanitarian Action, ALNAP
ALNAP is a unique network that incorporates many of the key humanitarian organisations and experts from across the humanitarian sector, including members from donor, NGO, Red Cross/Crescent, UN and independent/academic organisations.
Includes evaluations and lessons learned on Humanitarian Actions

CIDA - evaluations
The Canadian Aid Agency

DANIDA - evaluations
The Danish Aid Agency

EU Commision - Aid Evaluations
The Aid evaluations of the European Union

Independent Evaluation Group at the World Bank - Publications

Norad - evaluations
The Norwegian Aid Agency 

Poverty Action Lab
A collection of various impact evaluations, including some short summaries of the conclusions from impact studies on a variety of topics of relevance for development.

The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA)
Independent evaluations of Swedish international development cooperation.

UN Evaluation Group (UNEG)
Country Level Evaluation Database

USAID - Evaluations
The US Aid Agency. With links to USAID publications - including USAID evaluations

Asian Development Bank
Independent Evaluations at the Asian Development  Bank

Advocating for Evaluation - A toolkit to develop advocacy strategies to strengthen an enabling environment for evaluation (pdf)

A toolkit developed by EvalPartners, IOCE and UN Women directed at civil society organizations, voluntary organizations for professional evaluation, governments and other development partners. The toolkit gives guidance on how to advocate for increased demand for evaluation and for the creation of an enabling environment for evaluation.

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