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Appropriation directions from the Swedish government.

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Appropriation directions

Updated: 30 January 2017

Sida receives annual appropriation directions from the government. They direct the operations of Sida during the year, set goals and budget, and break down the budget between different activities. They also indicate the reporting requirements, as well as special tasks.

The annual appropriation directions from the government include the objectives that Sida should reach through its operations. The tasks of Sida are indicated in the government guidelines. The appropriation directions also indicate how much money Sida has at its disposal and how the money should be divided between our various tasks. The appropriation directions also indicate how Sida should report on its operations.

Appropriation directions for 2017

The appropriation directions for Sida for 2017 include six special tasks:

1. Integrated conflict, environmental and climate perspective
Sida is to report on the integration of conflict, environmental and climate perspectives in its development cooperation.

2. Agenda 2030 and the Global Goals
As a basis for Sweden's reporting on the implementation of Agenda 2030 and the Global Goals at the UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in July 2017, Sida is to describe how its activities have contributed to the implementation of Agenda 2030.

3. Using development cooperation to address the shrinking space for civil society
Sida is to suggest how Swedish development cooperation can contribute more effectively to counteracting the shrinking democratic space by strengthening civil society.

4. Measures for capacity development
Sida is to map the Swedish support to capacity building that contributes to partner countries' implementation of the Paris Agreement.

5. Government jobs
Swedish public authorities, including Sida, are to contribute to the government's focus on hiring people who have problems entering the labour market, to carry out simple tasks, including newly arrived immigrants.

6. UN ocean conference
Sida is to assist the Government Offices in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of this UN High-Level Conference co-hosted by Sweden and Fiji in June 2017.

Sweden's total development aid budget for 2017 is SEK 46.1 billion, which is 0.99 per cent of BNI. Deductions from the aid budget are made for, among other things, refugee costs in Sweden, EU assistance and contributions to the regular budget of some UN agencies. Those costs excluded leaves SEK 35 billion for development cooperation, of which Sida manages SEK 33.5 billion. Of this amount, approximately SEK 12.2 billion are funds that the Government Offices decide upon and follow up, but where Sida handles payments and certain financial monitoring.


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