Utrikesdepartementet vid Gustav Adolfs torg i Stockholm.

The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs at Gustav Adolfs torg.

Photo: Helena Landstedt

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How we are governed

Updated: 8 June 2017

Sida is an authority under the jurisdiction of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Swedish government manages our operations and we perform the assignments we receive to achieve the targets of Sweden's development assistance policy.

The government’s guidelines describe in brief how Sida should perform its work.

The guidelines also describe how the authority should assist the government, which organizations the authority should co-operate with and how the authority should organize its work in partner countries.

Sweden has a policy framework for Swedish development cooperation and humanitarian assistance that sets out the direction of Swedish aid. The policy framework is a central document in Sweden's aid policy and forms the point of departure for the Government's management of Swedish aid.

The government’s annual letter of appropriation sets out the objectives Sida should achieve in its work and how much money the authority is allocated.

It also states how the money should be divided between the agency’s various activities, such as national co-operation, regional co-operation, specific sector issues and administration.

Sweden’s development aid budget is 1 per cent of BNI. About half of this is allocated to Sida. The remainder principally goes through the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The government also gives the authority particular tasks every year. These could include extending its knowledge within a particular area or making the organization more efficient.

Follow-up and results

Each year, Sida submits an annual report to the government, with information about costs, revenues and results. The government carries out follow-up work and evaluates the agency’s operations based on this annual report.

Sida submits a results supplement to the government together with the annual report. This supplement contains several examples of how Swedish development aid has contributed towards reducing poverty.

The annual report and government agency budget information form the basis for the government budget for the coming year and the government’s letter of appropriation.


The Swedish National Audit Office examine Sida’s operations. The results help Sida improve its operations and become even better at achieving results.

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